About Us

Krispy Creations create memories by taking simple Rice Krispies Treats and making them spectacular!  They are not only visually memorable but are deliciously moist and tastier than what we remember!  Our custom made cakes and treats are made by hand and make the ideal gift for every special occasion, business advertising or “just because”.  Each cake is securely wrapped for easy transport unlike the standard cake which can be easily destroyed.  Our treat trays are securely and elegantly wrapped with a big red bow and our Krispy Creation boxes are always sure to make a delightful statement.

Krispy Creations began because my daughter never liked cake.  From the time she was very young she only wanted ice cream at her birthday party.  I noticed that many of the kids at her parties didn’t take a piece of cake either, or they would take it and leave it half eaten on the tables… That led me to begin making themed cakes out of Rice Krispies Treats.  The Rice Krispies cakes were a big hit with not only the kids but the parents as well!  AND there was never any left over!  I began making custom cakes for others and that was the beginning of Krispy Creations.

Krispy Cakes are much easier to transport to a party at the park, the local pizza place or any other party venue than traditional cakes.  They don’t have to be refrigerated and can be served straight on a napkin.  There is no need for utensils, so you no longer need to buy plates and forks.  Krispy Creations cakes and treats are customizable and make a delicious and unforgettable dessert or gift for any occasion or person no matter their age!  These cakes bring out the child in all of us by taking us back to the fond memories of our childhood.  “Your childhood is calling!”   

 My mission is to bring to the world our favorite childhood treat in a most unique and memorable way!   

~Andrea Shobe